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Peridis Publishing (formerly PCS Publications) has been producing vocational learning resources for over 30 years and has received support and feedback from practicing teachers to assist in the development and design of our products over this time.
Today we are all working in the digital era and in recent years we have been busy putting together digital options that will support the introduction of digital technology for remote asynchronous learning. Fortunately, we have now been able to take this step with a great deal of feedback from practicing teachers.
In supporting the teacher in the vocational education areas of construction, furnishing or engineering, one important parameter has been to provide a clear and informative style to encourage student learning.
Apart from the benefit of being able to manage the material in a different format, there is the ability to integrate new colour images to enhance the appearance of the material.
A sample of the set out of the resources is included below. With the navigation menu on the left, students can scroll to the exact section or topic they need to for the lesson. We also have included some short questions for them to undertake a self-review of the knowledge before progressing to the detailed assessment.
The content is available as a stand-alone digital eBook and has also been installed in a learning management system (LMS) known as Moodle. This platform is widely being used throughout many Australian public school systems and universities – e.g. it is the LMS at the University of Southern Queensland. The Peridis resources have been installed on our own LMS site at
The fact that teachers designed the system, makes it straight forward and easy to navigate, requiring only the ability to negotiate the Internet and use a word processer.
Essentially the LMS is used to host the eLearning material as shown previously. It includes some e-text, some extension activities (usually in the form of a game style approach and animation) and an assessment quiz.
The benefits of this approach are that the teacher has the capacity to monitor and guide his/her students, and the underpinning theory and knowledge can be sourced from the one location. It is available during school time or from the home environment by using the students school email and login.
The learning can be directed to coincide with theory sessions or be applied in a flexible mode with live project work. The theory assessment is fully marked by the LMS and recorded for each student. The teacher can review the student progress and download reports in a spreadsheet, which removes the need to mark the hard copy student workbooks.
Moodle itself has a huge international user base and online support network. It is resourced and freely available through Users can engage with others who are continually developing and testing the system. This is a great area to learn and explore some of Moodle’s capabilities of which you may be aware.
The image below is taken from the actual Moodle site on Workplace Health and Safety. It shows the layout with the content in the first section, followed by some further activities of interest for your students to expand their learning. The final area is the actual assessment for the topic.
Further details and information can best be highlighted through an actual demonstration and can be arrange by contacting Peridis Publishing at, or by telephone on +61 7 4630 9921, or emailing