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Terms of Use

Peridis Training Terms of Use
The online resources is offered through the Moodle Learning Management System at and has been developed to support students in senior schooling to study vocational theory in engineering, furnishing and construction studies.
When integrated with qualifications from the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the student is able to realise qualifications in vocational education in some jurisdictions as part of their senior certificate.
Course Methodology
The course is structured on students being to explore some detailed readings on the range of vocational topics (or competencies), supplemented in some instances with other ‘learning activities’. The student is then able to access the various quizzes for each of the reading topics to complete some online assessment as a record of their studies.
Resource Access
The subscription to the resources include a range of topics and competencies that can contribute to certificate I and certificate II outcomes. Industry contextualisation is achieved through workshop projects and work based learning initiatives that might be facilitated through the school.
It is not enrolment in a course of study as this responsibility is managed through the school. For further information on enrolling in the respective vocational courses email